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  • The Super Notch Man™ is a derivative of "Ressha Unten Simulation" for NEC PC-8001, the first train performance simulation software running on a 8 bit personal computer in 1982.
    In 1994, it was then upgraded and running on a MSDOS for NEC PC-9801.
    In 1996, the 32 bit Windows version was developed and a larger scale simulation was enabled.

  • The Super Notch Man™ is a highly accurate train performance simulation software that determines the time, speed,  distance and energy consumption of a train running over a track profile.  The model includes the effects of grades, curves, train resistance, speed restrictions, propulsion characteristics and brake characteristics. 

  • The Super Notch Man™ can simulate from light rail transit to high speed rail, up to 600km/h (372mph), steam to high speed high power EMU, turbine powered turbotrain, long heavy freight trains over long distance route.

  • The Super Notch Man™ has a user-friendly interface and is running on a low cost Windows PC with high speed calculation. It is used mainly in the railroad industry (railroad companies, train manufacturers, institutes of railroad technology) and some individuals who are strongly interested in  train performance simulation and high speed rail.
     It is used in Japan and some other Asian countries..

  • There are two types of Super Notch Man: USB key version and WEB version. The difference of these is their method to authenticate the user. USB key version requires insertion of the special key to the USB port to run Super Notch Man. WEB version requires the internet connection to run Super Notch Man. So WEB version requires always-on connection.



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