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Super Notch Man



Web Version(Ver.3)

  What is the merit of the web version ?
You can reduce the initial cost and select the membership period annually. The  upgrade is free of charge to membership users when this application is upgraded. 

What is the limitation of the web version ?
If the notchman.net server is down, a new simulation can not be performed. But it seldom happens.
You may feel some response delay while using the application, but the data amount to handle between the client and the server is small and you can use the application in the relatively slow ADSL envilonment.

Can I switch from  the web version to the USB key version?
Yes, but an additional fee is required..


USB Key Version

  What is the merit of the USB key version ?
Customers can use the software without any internet connection.

Can I switch from the USB key version to the web version?
Yes, but we are sorry there is no refund.

I lost my  USB key. Can you reissue a new USB key?
No. Please try not to loose the USB key. The USB key is only exchangeable when it is broken. A fee is to be charged for exchanging.



Is there any on-site support or telephone support available?
No. Only email support is available. 

Can I run the software on Windows 8?
Yes. But touch operation is not suitable for this kind of software. Use of a mouse is recommended.

Can I upgrade to the English version after purchasing the Japanese version?

Purchase and Payment


Can I purchase your products by a credit card?
You can purchase the product at Kagi or stores.jp by a credit card. Please go to the ordering page. 

Is the sale on credit available?
Sale on credit is available only to corporations in Japan.

Can I purchase additional USB keys?
Yes. If you wish to purchase more than 4 starter keys,  a volume discount is available.
Please contact us.

How long does it take to deliver?
The delivery date will be about 1-2 weeks in Japan.



Can I use the software on my note PC?
If the note PC fills the requirements, you can use the software.

Do you have a Macintosh version?
Sorry, we do not have. A software emulation on Mac OS may not work well.

My PC has no empty USB port. How should I do?
Please add a USB hub and connect the starter key to it.

Can I connect the USB key to my private computer and office computer?
Yes, you can use the USB key anywhere you use the software.

Data Handling


Can you register the train or track data of our company instead of us?
Please try to input the data by yourself. If you cannot do it, we will do for you, but extra charges will be required. Please inform us the contents and size of data.

Is the secondary use of outputs or train and track data permitted?
Noncommercial use is permitted. Commercial publications using the data should not be distributed without prior written permission from Image Technology Laboratory Corp.
If you wish to use the outputs or data of the software in an academic paper, please cite the product name, company name and URL(http://notchman.net).

Can I use the analyzed data using the Super Notch Man in my web site?
In many cases, we will allow you to use it on a personal, non-commercial web site But even if it is non-commercial, the site that supplies the data on-demand when others want is not allowed.
 At present, this site Ultimate turbo diesel kiha 181 - it's marvelous turbo sound   may be helpful. where the software is used and the analyzed data are  displayed.

Can I simulate the light rail train?
If you register the train performance, track profile and running resistance, you can simulate it.

Can I simulate the new transportation system using rubber-tired rolling stock?
If you register the train performance, track profile and running resistance, you can simulate it.

Can I simulate the transportation system using linear motor rolling stock?
If you register the train performance, track profile and running resistance, you can simulate it.



Should I need to register?
Usually it is not necessary. User registration is completed when the software is purchased. If your contact information has changed, please notify us.
But if you purchase the software through an agent, please register your contact information.

Is telephone support available?
No. Due to the peculiarity of the product and limited amount of sale, it is impossible to form a dedicated support team. Though there is a little time lag, e-mail support is available.

Is there a low priced academic package for students?
Sorry, no. We recommend the Speed up 2002 to rail fans.

Can I use the software on 64 bit Windows?
Yes, but the software is 32bit and runs on WoW64 (Windows 32-bit on Windows 64-bit) 

Is there an optimized version for dual core or many core processor?
Currently no. Higher clock processor you have, the better. Next version will support the multi-threading and the total processing time will be reduced with the many-core processor.


Image Technology Laboratory Corp.