Super Notch Man Ver.3

The train performance simulation software Super Notch Man version 3 has been unveiled. 
This is the next generation of Super Notch Man 2 designed in Windows 95, NT era.
To utilize the performance of advanced personal computers, all codes are newly designed for 64 bit environment.. 

Effective use of multi-core architecture and large capacity memory

To realize a smart operation and generate a reasonable running curve with high speed,  the new simulation engine has been developed and it utilizes multi-core processor and 64 bit large capacity memory in train performance simulations.
Of course this version also uses C/C++ native code compiler to attain a quick response in whole codes.

Effective use of high resolution and large display

A flexible multi-window system on a high resolution large screen enables simulating a sophisticated train performance and planning a  variety of operation more easily and quickly

Effective use of always-on broadband internet connection

Currently broadband internet connections are common in many countries. In this version, the internet user authentication system is also available instead of the usb key authentication.

Hybrid and battery train simulation

In addition to the electric regeneration of electric trains, the energy regeneration of hybrid trains and battery trains can be simulated.

New user interface

The improved user interface enables easy to understand display and reduced mouse movements and key operations.

Effective use of PDF (Portable Document Format) 

As generated running curves can be output to PDF file, exchanging and printing data become more flexible.

Raw data output

Generated numeric data is available as CSV formatted files. So that users can use it deeply .


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USB key authentication

No internet connection is required except for downloading the product.
You can use the product at any computer the usb key connected.

You should purchase the new product when you have lost your usb key.


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WEB authentication

No risk of losing the usb key

Always-on internet connection is required.
Cannot connect from another computer on the same day.


CD-R burning service


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System requirements

A computer running 64 bit Windows 10

Recommended system requirements

A computer with multi-core processors and 4GB DRAM or more and a display over HD resolution



1. Please be sure to perform a confirmation of operation before purchase by testing the trial version.

2. Confirm the trade conditions below.

Only e-mail support is available. Telephone support and catering support are not available. Check the availability for you by testing the trial version and reading its manual.

Sale on credit is available only to corporations in Japan.

When you lose your usb key, you must purchase the product again.  

The web version rarely stops working due to the server maintenance or a network failure.

2. Choose the product based on the price list above.

3. Choose the paying method below.

Bank transfer E-mail the information below to .
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4. After the payment is confirmed, you will receive the e-mail about the download procedure.


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