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Notch Man mini Features

  • Notch Man mini™ is a derivative of Super Notch Man™ , the train performance simulation software for professional use.
  • Notch Man mini™ is designed for hobby use. It is suitable for rail fans who are strongly interested in simulating train performance and running curves. The paid version can handle user's data of trains and tracks and may be applicable to some professional use. 

  • Notch Man mini™ can simulate from regional to high speed rail, up to 600km/h(372mph), not only old style passenger trains and long heavy freight trains but also  to high speed high performance EMU and turbine powered trains, over long distance route.

  • Notch Man mini™ has an user-friendly interface and its compiled native machine code enables high speed operation on a low cost Windows PC. 

  • Notch Man mini™ can handle data using various numerical units and it makes easy to use not only for Japanese but also for  American  and European rail fans. 

  • There are three types of  Notch Man mini™: the free version, the paid version, the paid usb key version. The difference of these is listed this page. The former two require  the always-on internet connection to run the software.




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