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Notch Man mini F.A.Q.s


Web Version


What is the limitation of the web version ?
(1) If the notchman.net server is down, a new simulation can not be performed. But it seldom happens.

(2) Username and password registration is required  in the pay version. Password and  username to download and execute the free version is "free".

(3) Only single user can login. You cannot start the software from different computers on the same day.


  Only email support is available.
No support is available in the free version. 

Purchase and Payment


Can I purchase your products outside Japan?
You can purchase the product at Ksgi store. Please go to the ordering page. 

How long does it take to deliver?
Delivery date of the download version will be about 1 weeks.



Can I use the software on my note PC?
If the note PC fill the requirements, you can use the software.

Do you have a Macintosh version?
Sorry, we do not have. A software emulation on Mac OS may not work well.

Is there any additional charge?
The free version is completely free and of course no advertising and no spamming.
The paid and download version requires no additional fee.
The usb key version requires some shipping charge when ordered from outside of Japan.

Data Handling


Is secondary use of outputs or train and track data permitted?
Non-commercial use is permitted. Commercial publications using the data should not be distributed without prior written permission from Image Technology Laboratory Corp.
If you wish to use the outputs or data of the software in an academic paper, please cite the product name, company name and URL(http://notchman.net).

Can I use the analyzed data using the Notch Man mini in my web site?
In many cases, we will allow you to use it on a personal, non-commercial web site But even if it is non-commercial, the site that supplies the data on-demand when others want is not allowed.
 At present, next two site may be helpful. where the software are used and the analyzed data is  displayed.

Ultimate turbo diesel kiha 181 - it's marvelous turbo sound  

turbtrain web site


Image Technology Laboratory Corp.