Running Curve

 Click "Running Curve" in the main tab. If the initialization is not sufficient, this button is inactive. In this case click "First Step Wizard" to prepare the necessary data.

Click "User's Route" button or "Imaginary Route" button to use the user registered or imaginary created train data. 
In the paid version, you can select the built-in track data from the tree list below. Click each [+] symbol and expand and select siblings.

Use-History button lists the file history list and you can also select the train from the list.

As the free version has no built-in track profile data, you must create imaginary track data first and select these files directly by clicking [From File] button.

In the paid version, if you have already inputted your own track profile data, you can select them by clicking [From File] button.

[From File] button pops up the next file dialog and you can select the target file.

Track Profile File

After selecting the target file, the next dialog box apears.
In this window, select stopping stations. Check the station name you wish to stop.

When "Save Stopping Pattern" is clicked, currently selected stopping stations are saved and you can use it again when you use same route by clicking "Select Stopping Pattern".

Click "next".

Select the train you wish.
Train titles listed are for the paid version data and the free version users cannot use them.

If you are using the free version, select "Imaginary Trains created by you".
If you are using the paid version, you can also select "Trains registered by you"  if you've already registered or built-in train data from the tree view below.

Built-in track profile

After selecting train data above, click "next" and 4 trains can be selected by same methods and simulated simultaneously.

If you do not need to select any more trains, click "Finish".

In the next dialog box, you can change train performance.


In the next dialog box, you can change operating conditions.

Click "next" and progress bar will show the calculating process.


By using sliders in this window, you can change the magnification or scroll the graph.
Direct dragging of the graph sheet will scroll too.

If you click "Race!", the running process is shown as a movie.

The play speed can be adjusted by the slider just below the button.

List of functions on this window


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