Design Imaginary Routes

Click 'Design Imaginary Routes.


(1) Set the title.

(2) Set the length of the route. In the free version the maximum length is limited to 400km.

(3) The title on the buttons represents the characteristics of the route. Click the button you wish to create.



Save data as a file.

Click 'View Profile' button red arrowed on the figure below.

Select the file created above.


The next schema shows the vertical track profile selected above.

The left scale shows the altitude, the right scale shows the radius of curves. In this case, the unit is ft. The bottom scale is the distance from the starting station. In this case, the unit is mi. 
The zoom slider changes magnification of the graph.
The X-Zoom slider changes the magnification of X axis direction only.
By the slider located the bottom of this window. you can change the X position of the graph.
By dragging the graph, you can change the X-Y position of the graph. 


Curves are shown as the green inverse-U shaped line as shown in the figure. The radius of curves is shown in the right scale of the graph. In this case, the unit is ft.  




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